Connections and Camaraderie

Author: Dee Dee Kanikkeberg

My ties to NWASAP (NWCPA) are long standing.  My first experience with this organization dates back to the early 90’s when I was a first time hall director.  My Vice-President for Student Affairs at the time, Michael Hostetler, brought me to this conference.  I can still recall my first time attendee session and meeting a woman (Melissa Yamamoto) I would later work with during graduate school at Oregon State.  I remember fondly the side trip our group took to the Columbia River Gorge Hotel where we had lunch and a relaxing time touring the property.

Life as it does moved on.  I again reconnected with the organization when my next Vice-President (Deacon Meier) took a group to the coast for the annual conference.  This was just after 9/11 and our team from Lewis-Clark did a round robin session focusing on respective institution’s response to the national tragedy.  It was through the next several years that I became involved as a board member, serving as Program Chair.  This particular time investment is where I made some of my best professional connections.  It was during this time that I began to get to know Mary Lu Schweitzer and Martha Kitzrow, Jeromy Koffler and Steve DeKlotz.  I believe my time on the board of NWASAP may have played a small part in leading me to my next professional position at the University of Idaho.   

The University of Idaho has had a long standing tradition of involvement and support of NWASAP.  There are 5 former presidents of NW who either currently work or worked at our university.  Bruce Pitman, Mary Lu Schweitzer, Martha Kitzrow, Corey Ray and myself.  One of the roles I enjoy most is sharing the secret of NWASAP with others.   I did so in 2005.  In turn, this colleague shared the secret with his staff when he left and joined Portland State and he continues to be an ambassador today with our young student affairs professionals in housing. 

I am a student affairs professional who has made the Northwest my home – by choice.  Each year I look forward to October when I can reconnect with my colleagues and also meet new professionals in our field.  I am convinced that if you choose to attend our special, unique and close-knit conference, you will develop the same fondness that I have come to know as “NW.”


Dee Dee Kanikkeberg

Past President, NWASAP