An Affinity for NWASAP

Author: Jeromy Koffler

Affinity: noun, a natural attraction or connection; a relationship or kinship

I must confess I have an affinity for NWASAP.  One reason is that NWASAP isn’t founded on titles or hierarchies.  The group is founded upon the shared vision of its members that improving the educational experience of our students is a work of collaboration.  Whether you are a chief student affairs officer, a mid-level department director, a service specialist, a new professional, or a graduate student, you are a welcome and valued contributor to NWASAP.

How does this happen?  At NWASAP, we come together share our professional successes and our challenges.  We collectively brainstorm ideas and concepts.  We are mindful of interrelationships and patterns that impact learning.  We connect our personal values to our professional practices.  We are not timid about talking about the character development of our students.  We ask the questions: What really matters?  What is worth doing?  What should our students know and be able to demonstrate?  

My personal connection to the organization’s identity, mission, and purpose began in 1994 when I attended my first conference and I look forward to attending each year.  My hope for you is that you will come to share in my affinity for NWASAP.   My promise to you is that you will experience an engaging, retreat-like conference where the quality of interaction is high, the relationships are positive, and where useful information is shared amongst practitioners.

See you at Eagle Crest!

Jeromy Koffler

Past President NWASAP