2015 Conference Announcement

Author: Joni Tonn

When I think about my first NWASAP conference two themes come to mind- a positive community of peers, and strong personal growth.

These themes have continued to persist with me as I am now in my 9th year of membership with the organization, and 4th year of board membership.  When learning the ropes, and constantly fighting off imposter syndrome starting out as a young professional, this conference was incredibly helpful and rejuvenating.  I can’t imagine my early years as an Area Director without them.  Meeting this group of peers early on gave me confidence to move forward through difficult challenges, and eventually seek my masters in Student Affairs.

The support, information and networking I continue to receive have been paramount as my career has continued as a student affairs professional, and now into my life as a Director. The annual conference offers a chance to continually meet new peers, and reconnect with now long time friends.These days especially as a Director, being able to receive and share information about campus life has been really helpful. I especially enjoy just being able to cheer on my colleagues, recognize them for their hard work. When University of Portland received the Innovative Program award last year, it truly was an honor to be able to announce the recognition.

AS this year’s conference President, I thought long and hard about where NWASAP 2015 would be held.I am happy to announce this next year’s conference location will be at Sunriver, the place where my NWASAP experience started.I hope everyone reading this joins us, experiences the ability to sit back, enjoy positive and supportive camaraderie, and watch their own personal and professional growth continue to growth strong from participation at our October NWASAP Conference.

Joni Tonn

NWASAP President 2015