Author: Morgan Hanson

For the past three years in a row, I have been fortunate enough to not only attend but to present at the annual NWASAP conference. I was barely 25 years old the first time, fresh out of graduate school in a new full-time resident director position. My associate director gave me the option to attend the conference with one stipulation: if I wanted to go, I had to create and submit a presentation abstract. I went for it.

Author: Bruce Smith

I hate sounding this old, but I really can’t remember my first professional conference as a member of the higher education world.  I know it was during my time as a doctoral student at UC Berkeley and I’m sure that I went to whatever event it was with at least a few goals: network with fellow doc students; meet some faculty who would be hiring in the coming years; advance my knowledge in some particular fields.  Goals that I’m sure sound familiar to readers of this piece. 

Author: Christopher Haug

I was only at my new job as Director of Residence Life at the University of Portland a few days before a colleague in our Student Activities Office invited me to lunch.  I suspected that he wanted to talk about how our offices interfaced and what he expected out of our colleague relationship.  We had a great lunch, got acquainted, and talked about a little business.  However, I was most struck by what he seemed especially excited to chat with me about. 

Author: Jessica Haywood

Receiving the Graduate Student Scholarship for NWASAP allowed me to get my first taste of student affairs conferences- an experience I would not have had without financial support from NWASAP. 

Author: Joni Tonn

When I think about my first NWASAP conference two themes come to mind- a positive community of peers, and strong personal growth.