NWASAP 2017 Networking Dinner

Author: Morgan Hanson

One of the aspects of the NWASAP experience that I personally feel is most energizing and valuable is our networking dinner night, a tradition that is continuing this year with a few new twists. This year, the NWASAP Board has created a restaurant sign-up sheet that asks participants to list not only their names but also their job titles and institutions, so that everyone can be more strategic about whom they want to break bread with. 

For anyone who is new—or maybe hasn’t participated in the past—here are some of the opportunities this dinner provides:

  1. Learn about others’ jobs and their career paths. This is an excellent opportunity for newer professionals who are trying to figure out their next steps in student affairs, as well as for those who have been in the field for a while but are looking to move in a new direction.
  2. Get insight into how other colleges and universities do things. If you heard a great presentation about programs another school is implementing, or about how other schools are using a job title like yours in a unique way, this dinner will allow you to compare notes with colleagues from those institutions.
  3. Spend time with a cool new acquaintance. This is perhaps the most fun advantage of the dinner opportunity—hanging out with someone that you’ve met (or hope to meet) that you’d like to get to know better!

Here is some information about the different dining options (in case you’re like me and you just have to look at the menus ahead of time). Our amazing Member At Large, Anastasia Seaborn, took time to inventory each restaurant for price, attire, and her estimate of the noise level: