Let's Celebrate 75 Years of Connecting Colleagues

Author: Christopher Haug

I was only at my new job as Director of Residence Life at the University of Portland a few days before a colleague in our Student Activities Office invited me to lunch.  I suspected that he wanted to talk about how our offices interfaced and what he expected out of our colleague relationship.  We had a great lunch, got acquainted, and talked about a little business.  However, I was most struck by what he seemed especially excited to chat with me about. 

He proceeded to share with me the story of our local student affairs organization that serves this wonderful corner of the Pacific Northwest.  I was impressed by the NWASAP story.  The ability for a group of colleagues to come together, without explicit affiliation to NASPA or ACPA, and connect on an annual basis seemed organic, fun, non-commercial, and incredibly Pacific Northwest!  I immediately began sending staff from my department to attend, present, and participate.  I’ve found the investment into NWASAP is a fiscal bargain, and provides my team members the ability to connect with local colleagues, share ideas and practices, and make a continued investment into their own professional development.

At our annual conference last year, I began my role as president-elect of NWASAP.  This role provides me the opportunity to serve on the Board, manage our nominations and awards, and plan for our next conference.  I’m especially looking forward to our time together this October at the Sunriver Resort in the high desert of central Oregon.  It will prove, once again, to be a wonderful time to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and celebrate our shared work in student affairs.  Speaking of celebrating…NWASAP turns 75 years old this year!  That’s cause for celebration and we’ll find plenty of opportunities to reflect on the past and look toward the future.  Get ready for a birthday party, friends.  See you in Sunriver this October!