Grad student experiences the NWASAP difference

Author: Rob Camp, Oregon State University

Attending professional development conferences can be both an energizing and exhausting experience.   At many conferences it feels like you are running from one session to the next and listening to lectures on topics that you may or may not be interested in for the purpose of gaining a little bit of knowledge and gathering networking opportunities. My experience with the NWASAP conference is not like any other conference I have attended.  

The entire event seemed provided opportunities for networking and sharing experiences between professionals.  The presentation sessions shifted the experience from lectures to dynamic open dialogues where the professionals in the classroom were often just as engaged as the presenters.  Being part of the College Student Service Administration program, networking and getting a chance to discuss our professional field outside of the confines of Oregon State University can be very important to personal and educational growth, at least it was with mine. While I did not take advantage of this opportunity, if you are looking for an opportunity to be a presenter this is a great conference to get your feet wet.  Because the conference is regional it offers the opportunity to engage in your subject matter without the additional stress of having to connect to a very large group of attendees.

I found that the cost of attending the NWASAP conference to be reasonable and in the end it was worth every penny.  Just keep in mind that this conference happens early in fall term which means you may have to start planning while classes are not in session.  Hopefully I will see you there this year!

~Rob Camp, Oregon State University Graduate Student, College Student Services Administration class of 2016