A note from the president...

Author: Chris Haug, University of Portland

Investing in your Professional Development...From an early point in my career, I had mentors who impressed upon me the importance of attending conferences, webinars, and workshops in an effort to strengthen my professional skill set.  I’m grateful for learning about the power of professional association affiliation, as it has served me well in how I do my work and serve my students. 

What I realized through attending conferences was pretty powerful—knowledge gained through attending sessions is equally as important as the relationships cultivated between colleagues across institutions and the region.  Attending NWASAP provides attendees an opportunity to network, share ideas for best practice, and collaborate on shared interests, topics, and projects.  Like our region, situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, NWASAP provides a unique ability to connect colleagues and engage student affairs professionals to help serve our students.  Make the investment in your professional network today and register for NWASAP 2016 in Lincoln City.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!