Each October, student affairs professionals at colleges and universities across the Pacific Northwest gather to learn, connect, and grow as professionals in service of students.  Corporate and institutional sponsors are key to a successful NWASAP Annual Conference.  In the spirit of the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest, our sponsors are those mountains to our association.  Three sponsorship levels exist: Mt. St. Helens ($500+), Mt. Hood ($1,500+), Mt. Rainier ($2,500+). 

Benefits of Sponsorship 

By participating as a sponsor at the conference, your company or institution will benefit from: 

  • Connecting with student affairs professionals from Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. 

  • Being linked to the event in conference publications and promotions. 

  • Receiving special recognition at the opening of your sponsored event at the conference. 

  • Having your company or institution logo featured on the NWASAP conference website and NWASAP conference attendee materials. 

  • Accessing key decision-makers at colleges and universities. 

  • Increasing visibility and exposure of your graduate programs, products, or services. 

Sponsorship Levels 

Mt. St. Helens
elevation 8,366’ 
Mt. Hood
elevation 11,250’
Mt. Rainier
elevation 14,409’ 
$500 $1500 $2500+

Itemization of Sponsorship Activities 

  • Scholarships ($265 each) 

  • Sunday Night Hospitality Suite ($500) 

  • Monday Night Hospitality Suite ($500) 

  • Nametags & conference gift for attendees ($500) 

  • Monday Morning Coffee Break ($500) 

  • Monday Afternoon Coffee Break ($500) 

  • Awards & recognition ($500) 

  • Trivia Night & Entertainment ($500) 

  • Keynote Speaker ($1,500) 

  • Monday Membership Luncheon ($2,500) 

  • Monday Conference Breakfast ($2,500) 

  • Tuesday Otis McCreery Outstanding Service Award Brunch ($2,500) 

  • Sunday Opening Reception & Dinner ($5,000) 

Become a Sponsor 

If you are interested in supporting NWASAP and the amazing work of student affairs professionals in the Pacific Northwest as a sponsor for the NWASAP Annual Conference, please contact Chris Haug, Sponsorship Chair & NWASAP Past-president, at haug@up.edu