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Welcome Keynote Speaker- Aaron Reader

Aaron Reader Keynote Speaker PhotoAaron Reader was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Growing       up in the inner-city came with many ups and downs as well as     triumphs.  Aaron has been able to draw from these experiences   and bring them to life through spoken word.  At 16, it became       apparent that poetry was an outlet that would not only provide a   voice for his self but for others as well.

Aaron attended Saint Augustine's College in Raleigh NC,             where he received his BA in Psychology. He has worked in         higher education for the past 10 years. Currently, he is serving     as the Director of Multicultural Services at Bellevue College.         Aaron received his Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology     at Argosy University, Seattle.

For the past 10 years Aaron has been directly involved with         work related to social justice and equity.  Having a strong             understanding of diversity and multiculturalism provides him         with a number of "real life" issues to explore.  "As I experience     the world... many people, opportunities, and situations cross my path.  I capture those moments with a mental camera in real       time and share them with the world." - AR

In addition to his work in higher education, Aaron has a passion for poetry and spoken word. One of his largest performances was at the Benaroya Hall with over 1200 in attendance. He has also opened for well know poets such as Def Poetry Jam Artists Prentice Powell, Sunni Patterson, Black Ice and Tasha Jones. Aaron has been recognized as a local spoken word artist who has a powerful, emotional, real, and conscious style.

Aaron is also an amazing motivational speaker and facilitator. He facilitates workshops across the Pacific NW on Identity Development, Masculinity with Creative Writing and an emphasis on Social Justice.

Visit Aaron's website to learn more.