Author: Kelly Donaldson

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Author: Jill Powell, NWASAP Treasurer

NWASAP values transparency in our budget process.  Our registration fee this year is $265.  This helps pay for all parts of our conference and ensures we have enough money to continue moving forward as an organization. The breakdown of our registration fee is as follows: 

Author: Chris Haug, University of Portland

Investing in your Professional Development...From an early point in my career, I had mentors who impressed upon me the importance of attending conferences, webinars, and workshops in an effort to strengthen my professional skill set.  I’m grateful for learning about the power of professional association affiliation, as it has served me well in how I do my work and serve my students. 

Author: Rob Camp, Oregon State University

Attending professional development conferences can be both an energizing and exhausting experience.   At many conferences it feels like you are running from one session to the next and listening to lectures on topics that you may or may not be interested in for the purpose of gaining a little bit of knowledge and gathering networking opportunities. My experience with the NWASAP conference is not like any other conference I have attended.  

Author: Morgan Hanson

For the past three years in a row, I have been fortunate enough to not only attend but to present at the annual NWASAP conference. I was barely 25 years old the first time, fresh out of graduate school in a new full-time resident director position. My associate director gave me the option to attend the conference with one stipulation: if I wanted to go, I had to create and submit a presentation abstract. I went for it.